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The Initiative

Mental Health

• Early Intervention

• Peer to Peer Support

Using Hockey as a medium

Mindright was founded by Myles Mattila 3 years ago. Myles is a Student, a mental health advocate, Jr Hockey player and he has recently added the Peer to Peer Support Program (P2P) to his extensive list of mental health initiatives.

The primary goal of P2P is to create a resource platform to help provide support and do even more for youth mental health. This initiative focuses on raising initial awareness, sourcing and coordinating an additional resource team, and helping youth access existing support associations within the community. Currently, we use hockey as one example and a common place where we have access to a large number of ‘players’ (i.e. like-minded youth) as we continually try to demonstrate that it is ‘ok’ to ask for help. We believe that, when dealing with mental health challenges, early intervention is crucial and this can be accomplished with P2P.


Help youth hockey players end the mental health stigma within their peer group, and assist players with seeking the necessary help they need from the P2P Resource Team and existing community resources.

Mission focuses on helping promote wellness and positive living for young people through increasing community awareness and making use of existing mental health resources. We want to encourage young people to be open and engage in Peer to Peer conversation. We want to support, connect, and build ties with young people using hockey as a medium while creating a movement with a brand that makes mental health relatable and accessible

How we will achieve our Mission

While playing for the Kelowna Chiefs of the KIJHL, Myles will support this initiative and the Kelowna Chiefs will host four mental health awareness games this season that will feature P2P.

As a certified speaker, Myles will use his skills to reach out to local schools and hockey teams to tell his story and extend his invitation to the P2P Program. He will encourage dialogue regarding mental health, provide details on existing mental health resources and promote Peer to Peer support.

We will continue to reach out and add support to a system that needs to enhance, promote, and provide mental health care for all.

We will encourage others to join us to support those in need as mental health does not discriminate.