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Okanagan Division – Ambassador Lucas Cullen

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Lucas Cullen is very proud to be the Mental Health Ambassador for the Okanagan Division. He is a very kind and approachable young hockey player who is always eager to help those in need. He loves helping others and he always has.
Growing up in a passionate hockey family, his parents always made sure that he helped others whether it was on the ice, in the dressing room, or just in general. He has always been an outgoing leader who his peers tend to follow, and now he wants everyone to follow in his footsteps and speak up about mental health.
Hockey has been his life for as long as he can recall, but playing in the WHL forced Lucas to leave home at a very young age and it increased the severity of his mental health struggles. He notes that Junior hockey is a time where hockey players should be analyzed deeper emotionally because leaving their life and family behind to play hockey is not easy; no matter how much one may love the game!
Lucas has dealt with mental health struggles for a large portion of his life, so he can relate on various different levels. Today he stands tall and embraces the struggles he has endured because of the voice he formed when he acquired help. He strives to help hockey players, athletes, or any person to stand over their mental health struggles and get loud. Mental health has been a stigma for to long and especially in the hockey world. Along side he wants to be a person that any player, coach, and parent can reach out to.
Let’s continue to end the mental health stigma hovering over hockey and let’s get loud!
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