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The Cariboo Cougar’s Support Program

To Enhance Mental Health And Wellness

MindRight is a mental health wellness program designed to educate Cariboo Cougar players, coaches, parents, and supporters about their mental health and the health of others. We aim to provide information about local resources available, and help players make connections with the services they might need. We are proud to work within the community of Prince George, BC and the surrounding areas to help reduce the stigma surrounding mental illness.

We Aim To Provide And Promote:

  • Awareness
  • Community Involvementcvziz1fvyaajbbp
  • Mental Health Education
  • Support Contacts
  • Techniques

Promoting Positive Mental Health

Cariboo Cougars players have access to top notch training, priceless life experiences, and worthwhile opportunities—but what about their mental health? Young athletes encounter many stresses at this stage in their sports careers; lets make sure they have the tools, the insight, and the understanding to recognize when they (or others close to them) might need extra help. When our athletes are well informed and supported in their mental health, they are well-equipped for success within the world of athletics and beyond.

Staff Names/Bios:

MindRightMyles Mattila – Spokesperson & Project Development

Jessie Sprague – Coordinator

Trevor Sprague – General Manager of the Cariboo Cougars: Sponsor Team of MindRight

Mental Health Support

When youth need mental health support, there are many places they can go for assistance – but it’s sometimes difficult to know where to start. Help young athletes connect with the services they need. Contact MindRight to learn more about our mental health initiative or to get information about volunteer opportunities.

Mental Wellness Support

In Prince George, BC

MindRight is a mental health lifestyle program designed to support the Cariboo Cougars of Prince George, BC as one of 11 teams playing out of the BC Major Midget Hockey League. Established in 2004, the league provides an opportunity for athletes aged 15-17 to play within their own age group, develop their skills, and prepare for the next stage in their hockey careers. The 11 teams compete for the National Midget Championship, the Telus Cup, on an annual basis. Our organization is dedicated to providing mental wellness support for everyone involved with the Cariboo Cougars team.

Our Program Benefits:


  • Billet Parents
  • Coaches
  • Mental Health Supporters
  • Parents
  • Players
  • Support Staff

Mental Wellness for Athletes

Young athletes are subject to many pressures and expectations, which is why it is particularly important to provide them with adequate mental wellness support. The MindRight program will educate Cariboo Cougars players, and others involved, about the mental health supports and services available to them, teach them to use this information to their benefit, offer examples of useful behaviour techniques, and promote the notion of community support. Feel free to call or email us to learn more about this mental health initiative.

Accessible Mental Wellness Resources

For Our Young Athletes

MindRight is a mental wellness program dedicated to Cariboo Cougars players and supporters in Prince George, BC. We believe that young athletes and youth should not have to search for information and support services to receive help for any mental health issues they might experience. Our program aims to offer several layers of education and support, so our youth can know that someone is in their corner when it comes to their mental health.

Overview Of Our Mental Wellness Program


In order to help spread awareness about mental health, local support groups will be engaged to operate a themed Mental Health Information Booth at all home games. Sponsors and support partners may provide promotional items and information to the fans to be given away or won in draws at home games. We also plan to promote mental health through the media, encouraging our players to inform the community as well.

Community Involvement

The program will engage in volunteer work, fund-raising efforts, and other mental health promotion activities as a team and in groups.

Mental Health Education

The program will provide training and information to players regarding general health and mental health awareness, early on in the hockey season. Throughout the season we will invite guest speakers and provide education about concussions.

Support Contacts

We will provide local, provincial, and national contacts as a mental health network so that anyone can find the mental health services and support they need.


Follow this link to view the updated CYMHSU Directory June-Aug 2017 .

Get Mental Wellness Information

The more we talk about mental wellness, the more we can remove potential stigmas around mental health problems and illnesses. Contact MindRight to see how you can help support our program. We can also provide you with more information about mental wellness services.

Beneficial Advice And Techniques

From Professional Supporters

MindRight is driven by ambitious youth and a supportive hockey program. We strive to support the team as they pursue improved awareness and education in this area of their health. Read on to learn more about our team members, support partners, and their unique qualifications.

Our Mental Health Support Partners

Dave Hunchak

Dave has been involved in sports his entire life, both competing as an athlete as well as coaching at the world level. Playing competitively in hockey and fastball, his resume includes 3 world titles, 9 Canadian championships, and 13 provincial championships. Unfortunately, injuries halted his journey to his ultimate goal of playing in the NHL. But his passion and love for hockey and the constant yearning to be a part of a “team” lead him to coaching for over the past 21 years. Diagnosed in 2014 with severe depression, anxiety, and OCD, he has been championing the movement for society to understand the difficulties of people suffering from and dealing with mental illness. In February of 2015, Dave went public with his challenges in an article with the Globe and Mail. Since the article came out, he has helped many people who struggle on a day to day basis with illness as well as people that are in a supportive role.

Youth Action Team (YAT) – Prince George

The Prince George Youth Action Team was developed this past summer due to the need for youth to have a voice around mental health.The Youth Action Team is a group of young people age 15-25 working together to increase mental health literacy, and decrease mental health stigma. Parents also get involved, and participate alongside their children. The overarching, and long-term goal of the Youth Action Team is to establish local multi-sector partnerships for a sustainable infrastructure to support children, youth and families experience mental health and substance use challenges. The YAT is confidently moving forward knowing that the community is listening, and what young people and their caregivers say about mental health is important and worth responding to. The Youth Action Team is supported by the Prince George Local Action Team through the Child and Youth Mental Health and Substance Use (CYMHSU) Collaborative.

Jessie Sprague

Jessie Sprague is the coordinator for MindRight. Jessie shares a personal interest in helping others that might be facing mental health challenges. We are happy to have Jessie’s support as we work to promote mental health education in our community.

mindcheck.caWith the main goal of early intervention, is designed to inform teens and young adults about changes in their thoughts, feelings, and behaviours in order to help them identify any potential mental health challenges. Young people can use screening quizzes to see how they are feeling and connect to an appropriate source of support if needed. The website focuses on fast detection and effective prevention.

Myles Mattila

Myles Mattila

Myles Mattila, born in Quesnel, BC, is the spokesperson and project developer for MindRight. The grade 12 student was drafted to the Vancouver Giants in the WHL bantam draft, and he is currently attending two high schools in order to achieve his dreams. Myles read about the story of the late Vancouver Canuck player Rick Rypien, who lost his life to mental illness. Rick’s close friend, Kevin Bieska, continues to raise mental illness awareness and carries on Rick’s legacy via the website Myles thought of his own friend who once struggled with mental health, and he decided to take initiative. His efforts aim to end the stigma surrounding mental illness and so that others can find help.

Myles has been recognized throughout the province of BC for his work on mental health awareness. He is the provincial youth representative for, and he also sits on the steering committee for the Prince George Local Action Team for Child and Youth Mental Health and Substance Use. Myles aspires to reach out to as many people as possible to ensure they know where to find resources and support.

Cariboo CougarsTrevor Sprague

Trevor Sprague is the General Manager of the Cariboo Cougars, the BC Major Midget hockey team that sponsors MindRight.

With such enthusiastic and compassionate individuals on our team, we are confident about helping the Cariboo Cougars learn about, prevent, and address mental health issues. We look forward to linking with other like minded individuals and organizations. Please contact MindRight to learn more about our program or volunteer opportunities.

The Comprehensive Wellness Program

For Our Cariboo Cougars Athletes

Raising mental health awareness is an important step towards addressing mental illness and the associated stigmas. MindRight in Prince George, BC aims to raise awareness through various events and programs. You are welcome to check this page for updates about events related to our wellness program or the Cariboo Cougars team.

Events May Include:


  • Fund-Raising Events
  • Promotional Activities or Events at Home Games
  • Speaking Engagements
  • Volunteer Activities
  • Workshops

Join The Wellness Program

At MindRight, we’re happy to do our part in the fight for mental health awareness. We are committed to ensuring that youth and others involved in the Cariboo Cougars team can benefit from our mental wellness program. Contact us to learn more. We would be happy to provide you with more information.

Upcoming Events!


Stay tuned…

Past Events

October 22nd marked our 2nd Annual Mental Health Awareness Game here in Prince George. Prior to the game, the South Island Royals and the Cariboo Cougars participated in a 3 hour training from CMHA, in which they learned about some of the more common mental health problems and illnesses that youth face. Mayor Lyn Hall was there to drop the puck, and the Kin 1 arena hosted a generous and supportive crowd. The Youth Local Action Team, the RU OK? group, and the Prince George CMHA were all there hosting informative booths as well. The game was our first fundraiser, and raised just over $450! Thank you to all of you that joined us and helped spread the news on social media!