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Accessible Mental Wellness Resources

For Our Young Athletes

MindRight is a mental wellness program dedicated to Cariboo Cougars players and supporters in Prince George, BC.  We believe that young athletes and youth should not have to search for information and support services to receive help for any mental health issues they might experience. Our program aims to offer several layers of education and support, so our youth can know that someone is in their corner when it comes to their mental health.

Overview Of Our Mental Wellness Program


In order to help spread awareness about mental health, local support groups will be engaged to operate a themed Mental Health Information Booth at all home games. Sponsors and support partners may provide promotional items and information to the fans to be given away or won in draws at home games. We also plan to promote mental health through the media, encouraging our players to inform the community as well.

Community Involvement

The program will engage in volunteer work, fund-raising efforts, and other mental health promotion activities as a team and in groups.

Mental Health Education

The program will provide training and information to players regarding general health and mental health awareness, early on in the hockey season. Throughout the season we will invite guest speakers and provide education about concussions.

Support Contacts

We will provide local, provincial, and national contacts as a mental health network so that anyone can find the mental health services and support they need.


Follow this link to view the updated CYMHSU Directory June-Aug 2017 .

Get Mental Wellness Information

The more we talk about mental wellness, the more we can remove potential stigmas around mental health problems and illnesses. Contact MindRight to see how you can help support our program. We can also provide you with more information about mental wellness services.