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The Cariboo Cougar’s Support Program

To Enhance Mental Health And Wellness

MindRight is a mental health wellness program designed to educate Cariboo Cougar players, coaches, parents, and supporters about their mental health and the health of others.  We aim to provide information about local resources available, and help players make connections with the services they might need.  We are proud to work within the community of Prince George, BC and the surrounding areas to help reduce the stigma surrounding mental illness.

We Aim To Provide And Promote:

  • Awareness
  • Community Involvementcvziz1fvyaajbbp
  • Mental Health Education
  • Support Contacts
  • Techniques

Promoting Positive Mental Health

Cariboo Cougars players have access to top notch training, priceless life experiences, and worthwhile opportunities—but what about their mental health? Young athletes encounter many stresses at this stage in their sports careers; lets make sure they have the tools, the insight, and the understanding to recognize when they (or others close to them) might need extra help.  When our athletes are well informed and supported in their mental health, they are well-equipped for success within the world of athletics and beyond.

Staff Names/Bios:

MindRightMyles Mattila – Spokesperson & Project Development

Jessie Sprague – Coordinator

Trevor Sprague – General Manager of the Cariboo Cougars: Sponsor Team of MindRight

Mental Health Support

When youth need mental health support, there are many places they can go for assistance – but it’s sometimes difficult to know where to start.  Help young athletes connect with the services they need. Contact MindRight to learn more about our mental health initiative or to get information about volunteer opportunities.