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Myles Mattila wins B.C. Achievement Community Award

Former Quesnel resident Myles Mattila, captain of the Kelowna Chiefs and creator of the MindRight for Athletes Society, is one of 25 people across the province to be honoured with the 2020 B.C. Achievement Community Award. (MindRight photo) Myles Mattila wins B.C. Achievement Community Award The hockey player and creator of MindRight for Athletes Society […]

Jan 15 Hockey Talk about Mental Health

Jan 15, 2020 Hockeytalk with Myles Mattila 1st intermission at Vancouver Canucks game Transcript from Radio Broadcast- Jan 15/2020 It is hockey talks here on Rogers arena tonight. And we have a very special guest joining us right here on SportsNet . Here with Myles Mattila, the founder of mindright for athletes, society and founder […]

Concussion Awareness Education

Why is Concussion Awareness important? Most individuals will be able to recover and resume their normal activities following a concussion if they receive proper care. One of the biggest dangers associated with a concussion is Second Impact Syndrome (SIS) which is rare but potentially fatal. SIS causes rapid and severe swelling of the brain and […]

How To Recognize Anxiety in Yourself and Others

How To Recognize Anxiety in Yourself and Others Often Times people wonder where does Anxiety and depression come from or how to identify signs that someones mental health is suffering. Check out the infographic below to help identify signs you might recognize in yourself or others and get the help they need.     Contributed […]


Blood drizzled out of the side of Joe Pavelski’s head like a leaky faucet. The San Jose Sharks captain had been hit by an unfortunate combination of poorly placed force and an inopportune reaction to gravity. As he crashed to the ice and lay motionless, a newly iconic hockey injury photo was born. Pavelski suffered a […]

How to cope with sadness

In October 2015 my life was changed forever: my mom was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease at the age of 56. Her fate was sealed as there is no cure to the debilitating disease that robs you of your mind and shaves years off of your life. At 16 years old I was told my mom […]


UPON COMING TO UNIVERSITY, I THOUGHT THAT ALL OF MY CURRENT ISSUES WERE GOING TO DISAPPEAR. Looking back now, I know that mental health has always been a factor in my life, but I was just choosing to ignore it. Looking back now, I know that my journey with mental health began around the eighth […]