Lucas Cullen

Mindright Ambassador KIJHL Bill Ohlhausen Division

About Lucas Cullen :

Hi, my name is Lucas Cullen and I am honoured to be the mental health ambassador for the  Bill Ohlhausen Division of the KIJHL. I pride myself off being a very kind and approachable young man who is always eager to help those in need. I love helping others and I always have. Growing up in a passionate hockey family, my parents always made sure that I helped others in any way that I possibly could whether it be on the ice, in the dressing room, or just in general. I have always been an outgoing leader who my peers tend to follow, but this time I want everyone to follow in my footsteps and speak up about mental health.

Hockey has been my life for as long as I can recall, but it has not always accommodated mental health. Playing in the WHL forced me to leave home at a very young age and it increased the severity of my mental health struggles. Junior hockey is a time where we as hockey players should be analyzed deeper emotionally because leaving your entire life and family behind to play hockey is not easy; no matter how much one may love the game. I have dealt with mental health struggles for a large portion of my life, so I can relate on various different levels. Today I stand tall and embrace the struggles I endured because of the voice I formed when I acquired help. I strive to help hockey players, athletes, or any person to stand over their mental health struggles and get loud. Mental health has been a stigma for to long and especially in the hockey world. Along side I want to be a person that any player, coach, and parent can reach out to. Let’s continue to end the mental health stigma hovering over hockey and lets get loud.

MindRight Phone Number:  1-844-561-3222